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  • 描述一种动物英语作文

    2020-09-14 15:33 优秀作文




    In the beautiful nature, there are many lovely animals, of which I like elephants most.

    The elephant is very large, even the lion and the tiger are afraid of it. It's very heavy and slow, but it has a long nose and a heavy thing to lift. The large ears, like two huge fan, fan but cool. The elephant's leg is like four long and large pillars, and the tail is a bit thick, like a thick rope.

    The elephant is sleeping when it is sleeps. It is because its nose is very tender. It's like worms fear drilling, therefore, when it sleeps, always put the nose for high, sometimes simply to put the nose gently with. When an elephant eats something, he takes a bunch of golden bananas from the tree and then put it in his mouth and slowly enjoy it. The strange thing is: the elephant can drink water with his nose. How I want to see an elephant drinking water once.

    Although the elephant is very strong, but in the forest is very honest, never trouble, so it is regarded as a fetish of Thai people. Although the elephant by Thai people regarded as sacred, but true love elephants have few, most people just love riding an elephant, a sense of pride, as well as people use human vanity disadvantages, raising an elephant on the Bank of the river, let people pay after Riding Elephants across the river.

    I like elephants, and I prefer nature. I hope that nature can stay in this beautiful world forever.


    The school organized a tour of the wild animal world of Xiangjiang River. The most impressive one of them is the elephant.

    The elephant was tall, with long wall of the trunk, pillar like legs, thin fan like big ears, big ivory white stone, big nose, thick and long, like a barrel like, can be extended to volumes, particularly interesting. It is with his long nose barrel like, hard to show us, while the elongation of the nose, want to use shells to overthrow the enemy like. The two elephant teeth were white like white porcelain in the light of the sun, flashing light.

    The elephant can perform, the cart, the ball, and he will. In the zoo, we saw an interesting thing: a manager grabbed a bunch of bananas and carefully climbed the back of the elephant. The elephant is very angry, want to put out their trunks thrown to the floor manager. However, the nose of the elephant smelled the fragrance of the banana and immediately understood the meaning of the administrator. He picked up a banana, sent it into his mouth, and put his nose into the water, washed a lot of water and poured flowers and trees. In this way, the elephants kept eating and pouring flowers and trees. Want to eat out, the elephant burst into anger, immediately sucked a lot of water, down to the administrator. We saw it and laughed with laughter.

    The elephant in the zoo is interesting. I must look at an elephant next time.

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